7.2Mb mobile broadband on the way from Virgin Media

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Virgin Media are launching a new super-fast 7.2Mb mobile broadband USB modem today.

Users can pick up the new dongle on a range of different contracts, from rolling 1 month deals right up to extended 18 month programs. Usage limits from 1 to 3Gb a month apply.

Graeme Oxby, executive director of mobile at Virgin Media said: “We’re thrilled to be offering this faster mobile broadband to our users. If you’re not at home or near a wireless connection, mobile broadband is the best way of staying connected on the move and we’re delighted to be making this a speedier, more pleasant experience for our customers.”

However, will the service actually be able to provide the speeds it boasts? Of over 3,600 different mobile broadband connections tested by Broadband Genie, 65% were clocked running at below 1Mb, despite providers such as Vodafone claming speeds of up to 7Mb.

For more info on the new dongle, visit www.virginmedia.com .

Gerald Lynch
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