Mobile broadband depressingly slow, claim Broadband Genie

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Testing both upstream and downstream speeds, Broadband Genie find an average speed for a user’s mobile broadband. During a period of research testing over 3,600 users, Broadband Genie claim to have found mobile broadband speeds depressingly slow.

Carried out throughout 2009, 65% of tested connections averaged speeds below 1mb, with only 16 out of the 3,600 achieving speeds above 3mb, a mere 0.5%. This is despite claims from providers such as Vodafone claiming speeds of over 7mb.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling commented: “Once again it would seem the mad rush to secure the early adopters has exceeded the ability of the product to live up to over-hyped expectations. It’s a real shame too, as mobile broadband can be perfect for a lot of uses, even at speeds below 1Mb.”

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