3GSM 2007: Microsoft and Vodafone to launch Instant Messaging service for mobiles and PC

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More news from the 3GSM, this time from Microsoft and Vodafone, who have announced they are working together on an enhanced and co-branded Instant Messaging service.

The idea is to make the service seamless – accessed from both the PC and mobile phone. It will be based on the Windows Live Messenger platform and should allow you to access your address book and contacts on whatever platform you are using, with an indication of whether your friends are online on their PC or phone. According to the joint statement, it will be launched in “select European markets” later this year.

According to Brian Arbogast, corporate vice president of the Windows Live Developer and Communications Platform: “We have brought together two of the world’s largest messaging communities with a co-branded seamless PC-to-mobile
Instant Messaging service. Vodafone customers will be able to communicate whenever and wherever they want, using IM and its additional service benefits, making the most of their time with mobile and PC.”

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