Samsung bash OLED TV pricing; a knock perhaps at LG's IFA 2010 set?

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Impressed by LG’s recent IFA 2010 showing of a 31 inch OLED TV? So you should be; the beautiful paper-thin display took Tech Digest’s top spot for Best in Show at the Berlin event this week. What was less impressive however was its cost, with the prototype unit having an estimated price price tag of around £6,000 should it ever hit shops.

That’s the main thing holding back the widespread adoption of the technology by TV manufacturers Samsung. Yoon Boo-keun, the head of Samsung’s TV business unit told the Korea Times that “It’s too premature to commercialize OLED TVs due to strong price resistance. Consumers will not buy it without affordable prices, leaving small room for greater marketability.”

Is this fighting talk from Yoon Boo-keun, on the defensive following LG’s strong IFA showing, or is it just common sense? However good the technology may be, which Average Joe can honestly justify a TV set that’ll account for a good chunk of a year’s wages?

Samsung aren’t pulling out of the OLED race though, recently demoing a 40″ model themselves. Just don’t expect to see any OLED screens with Samsung’s name slapped across the box until the pricing can be dropped a fair bit is all.

Via: OLED TV Info / Korea Times

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