IFA 2010: LG's lush 31 inch 3D OLED prototype is a tantalising taste of the future – VIDEO

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3D may still by the buzz word when it comes to TVs at the moment, but if LG’s 31 inch prototype model is anything to go by, the future of flatscreen televisions really lies in OLED technology.

At 31 inches in size, it’s the worlds biggest OLED screen, and, at 2.9mm thick, the slimmest too. Colour reproduction is stunning on the 31 inch display with no bleeding across tones, and as OLED pixels generate their own light, incredible black levels are also possible.

We were already sold on the panel’s 2D skills, but add in its impressive 3D abilities too and LG seem to have pretty much every base covered.

LG’s George Mead talks us through the screen in the video above. Start saving the pennies, as he reveals this one will be unleashed to the public in “the near future”.

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Gerald Lynch
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