IFA 2010: Sky back LG for 3D TV future, hardware deals on the way for subscribers

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lg logo thumb.gifSky TV and LG have further extended their 3D partnership in the run-up to the broadcaster’s October 1st 3D channel launch.

LG will enter into a joint marketing program with Sky to promote the new service, which will soon include 3D TV deals for subscribers looking to delve into the third dimension. LG already work alongside Sky to bring passive 3D TV technology to pubs up and down the country

“Making 3D technology a genuine reality in people’s homes relies on the pairing of great hardware and compelling content. Our partnership with Sky recognises just this”, said Stephen Gater, Head of Marketing LG Home Entertainment Company. “Together we are committed to educating consumers about our full 3D TV range and demonstrating how they can best view the new content that will available to them in the home.”

Hilary Perchard, Sky’s Director of Product Management, was equally enthusiastic: “We’re delighted to have entered into this partnership with LG. We believe in giving customers choice and as the only manufacturer so far committed to both active and passive TVs, we believe LG has the breadth of product to offer a 3D TV experience for all Sky customers. We will work alongside LG in helping raise interest and awareness of 3D as we build up to and beyond the launch of Sky 3D.”

The partnership makes perfect sense for LG, tying thier brand directly to the country’s only 3D TV channel. It’s perhaps a little less certain what Sky look to gain however. Both companies need to expand their reach beyond the realm of early adopters, and if the deal makes the details of 3D tech more transparent and attractive for consumers that will be a boost to both parties, especially considering LG offer the slightly more affordable passive 3D options as well as active 3D TVs.

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Gerald Lynch
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