World's most expensive iPad a gold-plated steal at £130,000

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gold ipad.jpgI personally cannot afford a regular iPad which, at £429 for the cheapest model in the UK, is noticeably more expensive here than in the US. However, if you’re the super-rich show-off type, you can start salivating over this £130,000 gold-plated, diamond encrusted Apple tablet.

“For the most elite individual, we bring you the the worlds 1st solid gold and diamond iPad,” writes designer Stuart Hughes.

“Encrusted with 25.5 cts of ‘IF’ Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in the solid 22ct Apple logo. The rear and screen surround are made from a single piece of solid 22ct gold, weighing an immense 2,100 grams.

“This most luxurious iPad’s appearance is outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. A magnificent combination of top of the industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was involved in creating this masterpiece. This item is of a limited edition of only 10 units to be made.”

If you’re rich enough to be interested, click here to have a look. And send a couple of quid to my Paypal account for the tip off, too. Go on, you can afford it.

Gerald Lynch
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  • wow what a big price. I saw gold plated Ipads and Iphones on for just a bit more then the normal retail price. you can also win them for only a few CENTS and shipping is Free.

  • This designer guy’s website starts with a flash intro. 😉
    Steve might even pitch in a golden iphone OS release for this one.

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