Waterproof Pro-Sports headphones for windsurfers and waterskiiers

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headphones.jpgThese are Overboard’s Pro-Sports headphones. Designed for surfers, waterskiiers, boaters, dinghyists and fishermen of all types, they’re waterproof and feature a neckband and coiled cable that won’t let your cables tangle up when you least expect them to.

As with most headphones, they come with small, medium and large earbuds, and they’re compatible with Overboard’s iPod case, too. They claim they still sound great upto 6m below the water. At 6.5m, I expect they sound average, with “bad” hitting in at about 7.5m, around the same time your eardrums collapse from the pressure.

The headphones, like many goths, only come in black. They cost just £25 on their own, and you can pick up a combo deal of the underwater case and the headphones for £45. They’re available from the Overboard website.


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Duncan Geere
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