Diamond-encrusted earphone covers – what financial crisis?

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diamond-headphone-covers.jpgI suppose there are two schools of thought with regards to the current whirlwind around the stock markets. One group of people will save every penny they have, so that they’re sure of being able to afford to eat in a year’s time still.

Another group, however, thinks “sod it, I might not have any money left tomorrow, I better spend it all today just in case”, and buys these… hideous… things. They’re diamond-encrusted headphone covers. You have to provide your own headphones!

Depending on how much you have invested in Iceland, you can either plump for the US$60,000 coloured diamonds (yellow, pink or black), a US$4,500 set with white or black diamonds, or even just a set covered with the ever-popular Swarovski crystals, for “just” US$110. That’s Christmas for your mad aunt sorted.

(via Gizmohacker)

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Duncan Geere
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