The Shuttle D10 – a mini desktop with a 7" LCD touchscreen on the front

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shuttle-pc-d10.jpgWe know what you’re thinking – WHY? So let’s get that bit out of the way first. The Shuttle D10 is for awkward places. Small holes. Places where getting a PC and a whopping great 24″ Samsung monitor in might be a bit of a squeeze. Caravans. The bedroom of a child.

It might also help calm your nerves a bit just to have a spare screen about the place for use in a broken primary screen emergency, or it could be good as a little media PC in the lounge. That’s why. The boring paragraph about the technical specifications is after the “jump.”

The touchable onboard LCD display is a seven-incher, maxing out at an officially wide resolution of 800×480. Inside, it’s pretty much up to you and how much you want to spend on it as with all Shuttle PCs – it’s ready for the Core 2 Duo of your choosing, supports up to 4GB of RAM and has holes for four USB sockets round the back.

Two of those will be taken up by your keyboard and mouse, mind, so in real terms that only leaves you with two. Plus you might want to leave your phone or camera cable permanently plugged in for ease of use, lessening the number of free connectors further still.

But then again, you could get a cheap USB hub and…

(Via Akihabara)

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