Ultrasonic eyeglass cleaner – polishes spectacles, jewellery and dentures


glasses-cleaner.jpgI seem to spend forever rubbing the lenses of my spectacles on the bottom of my t-shirts spreading slightly less muck and grease over my windows on the world than I remove.

Sometimes I have the presence of mind to use that yellowy cloth that came with my glasses case but even that doesn’t seem to do the trick any more, but no matter. I no longer care. Why? Because I’m going to buy myself an ultrasonic eyeglasses cleaner like this one. In fact, probably exactly like this one. I may just fly over to the factory and demand the one in the picture.

It uses 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic waves to rid your facewear of finger prints, Poptart crumbs and the dried remnants of spittle from people who talk to close to your head – no chemicals, no scrubbing, nada.

Just stick your goggles – or jewellery for that matter – into the 25-oz stainless-steel tank, set it to anywhere from 90 seconds to six minutes and, Bob’s you auntie’s live in lover, you can see again.

You can pick one up for $69.95 from 15th November, although that’s slightly irrelevant as shipping costs another $70 on top of that. Thanks America!

Hammacher Schlemmer (via Coolest Gadgets)

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  • This is so amazing how this can clean all of this. This is something that i need and want to buy. whistleblower policy

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