Stix Eyewear: chopstick holster glasses – make sure you clean them


These might just be the least practical invention I’ve ever seen but I really want a pair. I can’t ever think of an occasion where I’ve even wanted to carry around a knife and fork on my head, let alone have a pair of glasses in which nestle chopsticks.

I’m told that the arms of these gadget goggle are open at the ends so there’s no warm, dark, airless place for bacteria to take root and the tips of these eating irons are made of easy-wipe stainless steel but that’s not really what concerns me. What I’m bothered about is finishing my sweet ‘n sour chicken, putting my sticks back in and smearing chunks of pineapple into my hair.

Most restaurants I’ve ever been to are good enough to provide cutlery included in the price of the meal, so I suppose the market here is East Asian campers or ninjas for whom they can double as lethal weapons of assassination.

Unfortunately, I am neither but I do wear glasses and look forward to the day I get asked if I’d like chopsticks or a knife and fork and get to answer, “That’s ok, I’ve got my own.”

Brad Gressel (via Dvice)

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Daniel Sung
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