Spy camera sunglasses – they'll never know you clicked 'em


spy camera sunglasses 200 pix.jpgHands up who never wanted to be a secret agent? Didn’t think there’d be too many of you that moved. If you’ve never quite given up the dream then take yourself a step closer with these remote controlled spy camera sunglasses.

A healthy 1.3-megapixel camera is mounted by the right eye along with a some ear buds if you’ve got an MP3 player handy. There’s a fair amount of memory at 1GB and some good lithium-ion battery power but I don’t like these. They just look a but rubbish and with sunglasses and secret agency, style is everything.

Spy glasses they may be but they’re still a bit chunky. Who the hell isn’t going to work out that there’s a something odd about them? Before you know it, your cover will be blown and someone’s going to get really pissed off about all that looking you did down their cleavage.

Most of all, though, they’re really expensive and look decidedly plastic for US$100. You could probably adapt a better looking pair for less. Or if you’re that desperate, go and join MI6.

(via Think Geek)

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Daniel Sung
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