Robometer happiness-indicating watch – just in case you hadn't realised how miserable you are

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A gentleman by the name of Dotmancando explains very carefully how the stress indicator watch – known as the Robometer – is very important. Look, he even drew us a picture…

I have absolutely no idea what it means but it does have the word “Money” written in very big letters and lots of arrows with “Happiness” written on, so it’s obviously very important.

Now that the market for this device has been so clearly established, it’s probably best we took a look at how the life-saving gadget works.

The Robometer and the two ring sensors on your fingers measure the voltage across your skin, much in the same way as a lie detector. It also uses the ever-popular accelerometer to check for frustrated erratic movements and there’s a voice sensor strapped to your neck to listen out for repetition and increasing volume. Sounds comfy.

As life starts to grate, more lights start to appear on the Robometer which turn from green to red until finally it gives you a warning to get a grip and calm down before you get a coronary. Let the ludicrous video explain.

Now, I don’t know about you but if I was stuck chopping vegetables in a bleak looking kitchen like that, I’d have taken that blade to myself long before the Robometer had a chance.

Robometer (via Gearfuse)

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