Digital Summer Special: Belkin Podcast Studio / GoStudio

Digital Summer 2008, Home audio, iPod


I’m kicking off the Digital Summer Special with a product that I’m looking forward to getting my hands on.

The Podcast Studio (also referred to as the GoStudio) is Belkin’s hardware solution aimed at anyone wanting to capture live audio directly to their iPhone, much as their TuneStage does.

The gadget is so new that there wasn’t even a production model available, but early specs suggest that it will feature a built-in microphone, plus speaker for playback, be battery powered (not sure whether AA batteries or lithium-ion — the latter please, Belkin), and provide seamless integration with iTunes and other Apple software.

Apparently, audio quality with be “superior” — no details of exactly how it’s being captured but it will be 100% digital so expect decent quality.

It’s likely to retail for around £80 and be available from June, but we’ll have more details when the kit becomes available.

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