emWave – hold for instant stress relief


The older you get, the more stressed you get. Money worries, relationships, the workplace – it all mounts up – playing havoc with your health. So the emWave stress reliever might just be what you need.

According to ThinkGeek (for they are selling the little gadget), the emWave can teach you to find a state in which you’ll have increased energy, greater mental clarity, enhanced emotional balance, and improved listening ability. And you’ll sleep better too.

To use it, just put your thumb on the red-sensor, and watch the blinking lights. They’ll tell you if what you’re doing is helping – or not. And once you reach your chilled-out best, keep doing it. In no time you’ll be ready for the real world again.

Available now, you can pick one up for $198.99 (around £100).

ThinkGeek website

Dave Walker
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