There are different kinds of power cable! Including the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord which costs $1,800

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piezo-power-flux-power-lead.jpgThere is, we can exclusively reveal today, more than one kind of power cable in existence. Some power cables are better than other kinds of power cable. And the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord, which costs $1800, is presumably being pitched toward the high end of the power cable scale.

Here is why this cable is worth more money that a perfectly usable second-hand car…

“Powerflux conductors are 68-strand α (Alpha) OCC twisted around μ-conductor strands with a special-grade PE insulation or dielectric. (Alpha conductors are fine OCC wire treated with Furutech’s Alpha Cryogenic and Demagnetizing process.) The dielectric is surrounded by an inner sheath of RoHS-compliant PVC incorporating carbon powder that enhances damping, and that in turn is covered by a full α (Alpha) conductor wire braid shield. Another flexible PVC outer sheath and a Nylon braid jacket finish the job.”

The connecting bits are carbon fibre, while a special high-grade PE insulation/dielectric reduces capacitance (I copied and pasted that last bit). They look quite nice is the only constructive thing I have to add.

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  • I actually have a little wet spot on the front of my boxers from the very thought of a simple power cable, that costs more than anything else I own in my little council estate world.

    Or was it the talk of flexible pvc sheaths?!? >.<

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