There are different kinds of power cable! Including the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord which costs $1,800


There is, we can exclusively reveal today, more than one kind of power cable in existence. Some power cables are better than other kinds of power cable. And the Furutech Powerflux Power Cord, which costs $1800, is presumably being pitched toward the high end of the power cable scale.

Here is why this cable is worth more money that a perfectly usable second-hand car…

Nokia announces 8800 Carbon Arte: more high-end mobile goodness for rich techies


Nokia has expanded its 8800 Arte series of upper class mobile handsets with the launch of the 8800 Carbon Arte.

As you might have guessed, the handsets are engineered from carbon fibre, titanium, polished glass, and stainless steel.

While many people are trying to carry lighter mobile devices so they’re not weighed down by them all day, Nokia is making quite an issue of the “impressive weight” of the phone. Yes, I’d love to pay loads of money for a heavy phone…