"Astrobiology Rap" commissioned by NASA

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So this is where American taxpayer’s cash is going, and why NASA can’t afford to develop a space shuttle replacement. They’re commissioning Welsh students to rap for them. Full credit to the bloke though, he’s actually really good…

The rapper is Oort Kuiper, or Jonathan Chase as his grandma calls him. He’s from Wembley, North London, but he’s studying Science Communications at the University of Glamorgan. He says “Rap and hip hop music is my passion and I had the idea of combining it with science to make basic scientific ideas more accessible.”

NASA agreed, and gave him a big wodge of cash to put some rhymes together about Astrobiology. Highlights include, “The source of life on earth is highly debated. Some say evolved. Some say created.” and “We’ve been on Earth for many years and we are still producing answers; as time passes, collective knowledge advances.”

Of course this ignites a beef with Alpinekat/CERN, who put together their own rap about the dangers, or lack therof, of the LHC. Here it is:

Their rap has 3.3 million views to date, whereas Oort Kuiper has just 22,000, but Kanye came from behind to beat Fiddy, so you never know. We’ll keep an eye out on your behalf.

Astrobiology rap (via ICWales)

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