The Shuttle D10 – a mini desktop with a 7" LCD touchscreen on the front


We know what you’re thinking – WHY? So let’s get that bit out of the way first. The Shuttle D10 is for awkward places. Small holes. Places where getting a PC and a whopping great 24″ Samsung monitor in might be a bit of a squeeze. Caravans. The bedroom of a child.

It might also help calm your nerves a bit just to have a spare screen about the place for use in a broken primary screen emergency, or it could be good as a little media PC…

Mobile phone projectors COMING SOON – Texas Instruments says end of 2008


Awesome. Just what we need. Another XXXXing way for XXXing inconsiderate complete XXXing XXXXs to XXXXing invade our XXXXing personal XXXXing space while on the XXXXing bus. Or on the XXXXing tube.

As if the tinny sounds of MP3s ringing out of cheap Chinese speakers everywhere you go nowadays wasn’t bad enough, Texas Instruments is about to UNLEASH HELL – and bring fully-functional projection cameras to mobile phones before the end of 2008.

John Van Scoter, company senior vice president of TI’s projection business, reckons that companies are already building devices using the TI Pico projector – and they’ll be ready…

LG doesn't want to miss out on any OLED action, announces 32" panel


Quite a lot of OLED news this week, with Samsung and Panasonic joining Sony to the super-thin panel race, and LG calling out after them “wait for me, guysch!” and announcing a massive 32″ screen.

Not much else is known about this mysterious 32″ OLED TV, except that LG’s factory in Paju, Korea, is ramping up the production of the panels, with the words ‘volume production’ being quoted. It looks likely that this 32″ TV is lined up for a 2011 release date, a couple of years after Samsung’s 2009 job. Hopefully…

Xbox 360 Elite laptop – by special commission only

ben-heck-xbox-360-mod-elite.jpgYou may well have heard of Ben Heck before – he’s regularly the source of amusement and amazement for gamers across the world, thanks to his love of ripping apart games consoles and rebuilding them in exciting new formats.

Like that thing to the left there. It’s a standard Elite Xbox 360, only transformer-ised into a green laptop, complete with HD LCD screen and keyboard for chatting with fellow clan members about which Halo map you’re going to play tonight…

CES 2008 LEFTOVERS: An apology regarding our failure to mention the new 8" and 8.9" Eee PCs

We really ought to have done something about this, what with the blog liking Eee PC so much and mentioning Eee PC so often we might as well just go and change that masthead to a big photo of us all kissing an Eee PC and start calling the site “Eee PC News” or “Eee PC Daily Digest.”

Anyway. We didn’t mention the two new Eee PC models because they weren’t actually at CES in a physical new-plastic-smell sense – but Asus did confirm their existence in a press conference with US mobile company Sprint.


Volkswagen Viseo concept car, featuring external OLED screen for displaying info

Phwroar, would you take a look at that Volkswagen! It’s certainly a far cry from the Beetle and Golf models, eh? Still, Germans have always been known for their forward-thinking design aesthetics, and this concept car doesn’t disappoint.

Electric cars are all the rage, as we’ve seen in countless other offerings in the shape of the Tesla Roadster, Suzuki PIXY, and three-wheeled Aptera.

Created by Marc Kirsch, with Volkswagen’s support, the three-seater car not only has an aerodynamic bod, but…