Medion GoPal P5430 – feature-packed sat nav with a 5" screen

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medion-gopal-p5430.jpgI love Medion. They always manage to put out technology with really good specs that doesn’t cost the earth. This Sat Nav is rather pricy compared to its competitors. It’s got some nifty features, though, and a whopping 5″ screen, to compensate.

Let’s start with the price. £175. That’s more than double the price of some of the other sat navs on the market, according to a quick Amazon search. So what are you getting for your cash?

Well, that 5″ screen for starters. Most other models feature a piddly 3.5″ screen. 5″ will be much clearer, especially in confusing built-up areas. It’ll certainly beat squinting at a piddly display while trying to change lanes in dense fog. Safety first, remember?

There’s also voice recognition, Bluetooth (so you can use it as a hands-free kit with your phone), an integrated MP3 player and photo viewer, a fingerprint reader and even a Sudoku game, for when you’re stuck in traffic.

At the end of the day, this is an expensive, high-end sat nav. It will navigate you, but it has tonnes of added extras. Whether those added extras justify an extra hundred quid over a more standard model is up to you, and how much driving you do. It’ll be available from 30th Nov.

Medion GoPal P5430

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