Medion GoPal P5430 – feature-packed sat nav with a 5" screen


I love Medion. They always manage to put out technology with really good specs that doesn’t cost the earth. This Sat Nav is rather pricy compared to its competitors. It’s got some nifty features, though, and a whopping 5″ screen, to compensate.

Let’s start with the price. £175. That’s more than double the price of some of the other sat navs on the market, according to a quick Amazon search. So what are you getting for your cash?

Man BRUTALISED by armed police who thought his MP3 player was a gun

darren-nixon-mp3-gun-shame.jpgYes, they thought his MP3 player was a gun. They thought a 28-year-old mechanic’s MP3 player was a gun, when he took it out of his pocket to change tracks at a bus stop.

It was a “black Philips” music player, so he certainly deserved a warning to buy superior model in future – but getting held by armed cops and having his DNA and fingerprints taken is going a little too far…