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mintpass-mintpad-wi-fi.jpgThe global gadget development arms race to see who can fit the most stuff into the smallest, whitest box has taken a dramatic turn today, thanks to this clever little everything-in-one miniature… digital… wi-fi… thing.

You can write on it, browse the internet on it, listen to music on it, take photos on it, watch films on it and, most importantly of all, get it out of your very smallest pocket or the change compartment of your wallet and impress people with it by showing them all of the above.

It all happens on a fairly minuscule 2.86″ touch screen, mind, so you won’t want to do your primary important business web browsing on it. But with wi-fi and 4GB of storage space, it’d certainly do as an occasional bed/sofa boredom-reliever.

The Mintpad costs 199,000 South Korean wons, which, after a lengthy and complicated conversion process, I’ve worked out to be around £87. Not that you can buy it anywhere other than Korea at the moment, so it was a waste of 15 of my minutes.


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