PURE intros Avanti Flow: fully equipped radio with iPod dock

DAB, Home audio


It seems the fashion for sticking an iPod dock on audio products still hasn’t died, with PURE launching its latest radio unit, the Avanti Flow, complete with Apple-friendly port.

The star feature of the unit is the almost complete coverage of modern radio standards. Not only is there FM radio, but also DAB and Internet radio, which can also be used to catch up with previously broadcasted shows (from the BBC, for example). What do you mean you listen to medium wave?

Audio-wise it’s not to shabby either, with a five-and-a-quarter inch downward firing subwoofer and two three-inch mid-range drive units. Enhancing what the speakers output is PURE’s Clearsound technology, which utilises Class D amplifiers, digital audio shaping, and custom-tuned speakers, plus an enhanced hi-fi quality audio subsystem.

Yes, it’s got an iPod dock too (I did mention that, right?) but it also connects to the Net via Wi-Fi, so no need for it to be next to your phone or cable box.

Finished in black, it has a clear graphical OLED display and comes with an interestingly-shaped remote control unit.

Available in time for Christmas priced at around £279.99.


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Andy Merrett
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