iPad 3 with Retina display? iOS 5 Twitter update suggests so…

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iPad2-official-5.jpegFollowing months of rumours, Apple fans were understandably a little bit disappointed when the iPad 2 launched with the same 1024 x768 screen that the first iPad used, despite speculation that it would feature a high-res Retina display akin to that found in the iPhone 4. Hopes for the super-sharp display transferred to the inevitable luanch of the iPad 3, and if a new clue in iOS 5 unravels the way we’d like it to, it may prove “third time lucky” for the Retina display in Apple tablets.

A developer trawling through the SDK code for the recently-revealed iOS 5 software stumbled across an interesting nugget relating to the newly-integrated Twitter framework. It makes provision for images in Twitter with a resolution as large as 2048×1536; precisely double that of the resolution currently in use on the iPad 2.

Could this point towards a Retina display in the iPad 3? Providing Apple’s new tablet launches in the same spring time-frame as its predecessors, it’d almost definately be using iOS 5 software, so perhaps this is Apple planning ahead for a new high-res screen.

Alternatively, it could be legacy code from a version of Twitter from another platform; a left-over or maybe even a mistake.

Still, of all the features we’d like to see in the iPad 3, the Retina display is among our most wanted. Lets hope this rumour comes to fruition.

Via: Tech Unwrapped

Gerald Lynch
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