Xbox 720 for E3 2012 reveal say Crytek

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xbox 360 slim real png.pngMicrosoft had one of the weakest showings at this year’s E3 games conference, showing off only a handful of mediocre Kinect titles, increased video content over Xbox Live and a CG trailer for Halo 4. According to a report from however, that may have all been for good reason; Microsoft are holding their big guns back for E3 2012, when they reveal their Xbox 360 successor, the Xbox 720.

That’s the info they’ve gleaned from a Crytek, the company behind the Crysis and FarCry games. Speaking to an anonymous top-ranking Crytek exec, they’ve found that Crytek are beginning work on TimeSplitters 4 for the Xbox 720 using Mircosoft’s updated DX11 development tool.

“The Crysis 2 developer says that Microsoft will announce the existence of a new Xbox within the next 12 months, hinting that an E3 2012 reveal is likely. Crytek believes that Microsoft will announce and launch its new machine ahead of rival Sony, though the developer is also investing resources into next-generation PlayStation development,” reads the report.

Though the source did not reveal any specs for the console, DX11 at least will offer a significant jump for visuals, allowing for the use of tessellation, multi-threaded rendering and compute shaders.

Both Microsoft and Crytek have declined to officially comment on the rumours.

Gerald Lynch
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