Google Instant Pages give instant access to search results

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Google have announced a new feature for their search engine called Instant Pages which they believe will make finding results through their web trawler faster than ever.

A progression from the Google Instant feature that launched last year, Google will now not only predict and show what it believes you are looking for as you type, but also will pre-cache the most often visited pages relating to that search. If you then chose to visit one of the more popular pages from a search, it will instantly be loaded before you’ve even clicked on its link.

You can see the new feature demoed in an official Google video above.

Instant Pages isn’t the only new addition to the search engine either. Google are also rolling out a Voice Search button on the Google search bar, familiar to those who use Google on a mobile phone. If you’ve got a microphone hooked up to your PC, hitting the button will allow you to search with voice commands.

Search By Image, another new feature, will work a lot like the Google Goggles app, allowing you to upload an image or enter an image URL and be given search results based on the content of the image you have used. Firefox and Chrome plug-ins are on the way to allow Search By Image controls to be mapped to right mouse clicks.

Users of the Chrome browser will be the first to access these new features. Instant Pages is due alongside the next beta release of Chrome, while Voice Search is already available on English-language Google sites. Search By Image too is currently rolling out to in 40 languages today.

Gerald Lynch
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