Sony working on "Annihilation Assisted Upconversion" – bendable OLED screens

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flexible-sony-oled-screen.jpgOLED development race winner Sony has announced its plans to start making OLEDs less than 1mm thick – that are flexible enough to be bent and wrapped around angles.

This’ll come in handy for when you need to… bend a screen. Or, these thin, semi-transparent OLEDs could be piled on top of each other to make 3D displays, used as HUDs in the windscreens of expensive cars, or even used as a way for Sony to carry on charging us lots of money for new TVs that aren’t particularly different from our existing TVs.

A video of the prototype display can be seen here. It is working and it is bending, although it clearly has a long way to go before appearing in Currys Digital in a choice of Piano Black or Albino White.

(Via ITP)

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