Panasonic rumoured to be producing a 40" OLED TV. Expect the Joneses across the street to retaliate soon.


panasonic.jpgIf you had £467million, what would you do with it? Travel? See the world? Buy yourself a small country? Maybe even give some of it to poor people?

Panasonic, as it happens, does actually have that sort of money, but has opted to stay in instead, and spend the money on a bigger telly.

According to the Japanese ‘Nikkei’ newspaper, it’s planning to produce a 40-inch OLED telly by 2011 – just in the nick of time for you to see every disgusting bead of sweat fall from the athletes in the 2012 Olympics in phenomenally high-quality.

The £467 million – or 100 billion Yen – is apparently going to be invested into a factory that was previously producing regular LCD TVs. This is a change for Panasonic as previously all of its TVs above 37″ had been plasma.

When the 40″ OLED eventually comes to market though, don’t expect it to be cheap. A much smaller 11″ Sony OLED will at the moment set you back about £1000… and 40″ means a lot more organic diodes will be needed.

[via TrustedReviews]

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  • will be happy to be proved wrong with this one…. but having done survival training during my Army days, I have to admit to a raised eyebrow with this as well.

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