Meridian shows off 810 Reference projector, way better than 1080p

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Just when you thought you’d got the best high definition set-up going, along comes the likes of Meridian and spoils it, with the 810 Reference projector boasting 4,096 x 2,400 resolution. Granted, that’s not quite your 16:9 aspect ratio, and neither does it quite match Super Hi-Vision, but it is in production, and yours for around ninety grand.

Interestingly, as there’s no native footage to project yet, Meridian has built a video scaler based on Marvell’s Qdeo system which will upscale standard video to the new resolution. No idea how good it is, but considering it requires four HDMI cables to connect it to the projector, it must be doing some pretty hefty arithmetic.

Something for Toshiba to think about, perhaps?

Available from the autumn, if you dare.

(Via DVice)

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