Team Meridian's aforementioned £8,000 CD player with their DSP7200 loudspeakers

But wait! Meridian doesn’t *just* make £8,000 CD players! They also make lovely loudspeakers, namely the new DSP7200 models.

The UK hi-fi manufacturer has upgraded the DSP7000s active speakers, with each of the four new driver units being served by its own 100-watt amplifier channels. Meridian’s new SpeakerLink technology is also included, which means RJ45 Ethernet ports are featured for interconnection, so it almost rivals their high-end DSP8000 speakers.

The new models also have active Bessel low-frequency alignment giving the user exact timing and coherence, noticeable…

Meridian reveals £8000 808.2 Signature Reference CD player

meridian-signature-reference-cd-player.jpgThis is for people who used to insist vinyl had the best sound quality, but have now given up and decided to rebuy all those old Led Zep albums in CD format. To say it’s “high end” is a bit of an understatement.

The 808.2 player has a new kind of digital speaker connector – well, new to the audio world, at least – which uses standard old CAT-5 Ethernet cabling to hook it up to any of Median’s compatible DSP speaker range.

Powering the audio side of things is Median’s Resolution Enhancement System, which upsamples…

The Bugatti Volo toaster will be the closest you get to the real thing

Car company CEOs are clever sods. Long ago they realised only a slight percentage of the world can afford their expensive wheels, so to ensure they work their way into everyone’s households, they branched out into other products, often collaborating with other high-end manufacturers, like we saw with the Ferrari-branded Meridian F80.

Possibly the only affordable device from the world’s priciest car company, Bugatti has rolled out the Volo toaster for car fans whose closest encounter to a Veyron is downloading desktop wallpapers of the car. £140 does seem…