Team Meridian's aforementioned £8,000 CD player with their DSP7200 loudspeakers

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But wait! Meridian doesn’t *just* make £8,000 CD players! They also make lovely loudspeakers, namely the new DSP7200 models.

The UK hi-fi manufacturer has upgraded the DSP7000s active speakers, with each of the four new driver units being served by its own 100-watt amplifier channels. Meridian’s new SpeakerLink technology is also included, which means RJ45 Ethernet ports are featured for interconnection, so it almost rivals their high-end DSP8000 speakers.

The new models also have active Bessel low-frequency alignment giving the user exact timing and coherence, noticeable in bass-heavy tracks. Other specs you may be interested in hearing about include its aforementioned four 100-watt amplifiers which drive two 8-inch long-throw bass units which are actually contained within the system’s base, a 6-inch midrange unit which is the same featured in the DSP8000s and a 1-inch tweeter.

We haven’t got any information sadly on when these leggy beauties will be out, however US pricing looks to be $34,995 – so £17,776 if Meridian treats us well.


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