Sony quitting the rear projection TV business in favour of LCD


sony_rptv.jpgSony has announced, by way of a spokesman, that once their current stock of rear projection TVs has gone, they’ll abandon the RPTV market in favour of LCD screens. They believe that LCD flat panel TVs are “what people really want” — not withstanding the fact that some rear-projection TVs, including Sony’s own — use LCD technology.

Perhaps the format is on the way out, despite still being popular, as Sony aren’t the first manufacturer to shift focus away from the technology in favour of plasma and, particularly, LCD.

I have no idea how much stock of RPTVs Sony has around the world, but it’s possible there could be some bargains to be had, if you’re happy to take the risk of buying into a discontinued technology.

With Sony being one of the companies pushing research into new types of TV display, such as OLED, perhaps it’s not surprising that something had to give.

(Via Gizmodo)

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