Sony shows off Odo Twirl 'N Take camera prototype which generates its own electricity

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eco01%282%29.jpgMy, how our Hippyshopper editor Abi must be positively green with envy right now she wasn’t able to spy this Sony digital camera this week at the Eco-Products 2007 Eco Style Fair over in Japan.

Not exactly known for their green initiatives, Sony showed off the camera prototype, which generates enough power for one photo, with 15 seconds’ movement on the pizza cutter-shaped gadget’s wheel.

Dubbed the Twirl ‘N Take, it’s similar to other products they demonstrated at the fair, including the Crank ‘N Capture video camera and Spin ‘N Snap digital camera. However much eco-friendly boffins may want a piece of the Sony Twirl ‘N Take pie, they have no plans to put the prototype into production.

This may just be a good thing, what with it being shaped like a pizza cutter, and Sony’s history with recalling the Cyber-shot DSC-T5 digital cameras due to sharp edges which ‘may injure someone’.

(via AFP)

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