Sony to give a MASSIVE 1% of their Vaio FZ Graphic Splash Eco Edition laptop sales to green charities

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Nice product photography doesn’t detract from just how lame Sony’s claim is that they’re helping the environment with these Vaio laptops.

They’ve just announced the Vaio FZ Graphic Splash Eco Edition laptops to help quench Greenpeace’s rumours that they’re the least green company around save the environment, and admittedly are completely reaching for ideas. Claims that the ‘slim design for minimum use of natural resources’ and ‘packaging comprised primarily of recyclable materials’ won’t fool the public, as will them boasting they’ll donate 1% of the sales to non-profit environmentalist organisations. Considering prices start at $1,400, that’s a ‘whopping’ US$14. Guess PS3 sales have really hit the company hard.

With four designs available – the leopard-print ‘Spotted Life’ (VGN-FZ290EGS), brown ‘Clay Earth’ (VGN-FZ290EGE), blue ocean ‘Caribbean’ themed model (VGN-FZ290EGC) and floral ‘Bloom’ (VGN-FZ290EGB), you’re bound to find something to offend.

Specs are pretty good, admittedly, with a 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M graphics card, 802.11n HDMI out, and Blu-ray drive all enclosed in a 15.4″ screen, with the usual choose-your-own specs like RAM and HDD all making the $1339.98 starting price seem decidely unappealing.

Sony Vaio FZ Graphic Splash Eco Edition laptops (via AVING)

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  • Hi Ian. We’re more than happy for people to disagree with our opinions on Tech Digest, and I’d love to hear your views on technology firms giving to charity. But your final line marks you out as the immature idiot, not Kat.

  • Do you think charities would rather have $14 for every one of these laptops or nothing at all? You should also remember that 1% of the retail price is a heck of a lot more than 1% of their profit.

    Grow up you selfish silly little girl.

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