Bejewelled washing machine by Samsung uses same technology used in making diamonds

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samsung-washing-machine.jpgIf there’s any product photo which has originated from Asia that’ll send all the readers of Idiot Toys into a spin, it’d be this one here. Yes, she’s a gorgeous woman in a wedding dress, modelling a washing machine. No, she probably won’t wash your M&S pants for free, but worth a try perhaps?

Samsung has partnered with a famous jeweller – no word who – and created the Hauzen, which uses technology similar to that used when shaping diamonds. This apparently causes your precious Primark gear to have a better wash-through, with the clothes-fibres remaining unscorched, and even your water and electricity consumption will come down a notch or three.

Of course, this probably won’t launch in the Western world, but it’s a nice idea, no? Oh, you’re not reading this? Too busy dribbling over the woman in the photo? Ahh.

(via Akihabara News)

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