Washing machine for dogs invented in France! Mon dieu!


dog-washing-machine.jpgWe saw something similar at CES earlier in the year, so I’m presuming there’s a dire need for, err, dog washing machines? Are pet owners really that lazy that they can’t pop Ralph in the bathtub, or get the garden hose fired up, that they have to plunk him in an actual $30,000 machine which does all the work for you?

*Sigh* Apparently so. Figures that it’d come from France too, the country which probably invented clothes for dogs and jewelled cat collars. The whole process takes not longer than four minutes, including washing and drying. Mon dieu!

(via Born Rich)

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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “Washing machine for dogs invented in France! Mon dieu!

  • I dont think it’s laziness – washing a dog can be a real chore, especially if said dog is filthy or cannot sit still. Often it is more than a one-person job and can end up messing up your entire bathroom. I think it’s great – they found a need and made something to solve it – isn’t that what innovation is all about?

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