Commodore PCs get pretty, sorry, HARDCORE paint jobs with C-Kin Designs, like this Rubik’s Cube one


commodore-PC-rubiks.jpgAs all good things in history, the Rubik’s Cube has seen a recent revival in the trend lists, and Commodore is certainly channelling the ’70s throwback through their latest gaming PC.

It may appear a bit stupid, hulking away on your home desk like a giant Rubik’s Cube-themed Autobot, but don’t let your friends rip into you too much, as we all know Commodore PCs are high-powered monsters inside. You can choose any PC in their range, and fork out an extra £949 for a special paint job. With over 100 to choose from, you’ve got more than finding the cash for the custom design to worry about.

Commodore C-Kin Designs (via Red Ferret)

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Katherine Hannaford
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