CeBIT 2007: Commodore launches range of gaming PCs

CeBIT 2007

As we mentioned earlier this month, Commodore has chosen CeBIT to re-launch itself into the gaming market. No tapes here – this time there’s four models from entry-level to an “extreme specification”.

You may have noticed the graphics – that’s because each PC can be “artistically customised” depending on your personality – soldiers for wargames, cars for driving, that kind of thing. No mention of graphics for those who browse adult sites. There are also LED lights for an “ambient glow” and a new Ice Cube cooling system to keep everything working efficiently at a low temperature.

The machines on offer are titled the Commodore Cg (entry level), Cgs, Cgx,
Cxx (extreme level), each running Microsoft Windows Vista 64, all able to be customised to your specification, tested before shipping and complete with branded peripherals. Full details of the machines will be on the Commodore Gaming site, which launches later today.

Commodore Gaming website

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