The Xi – the world’s first iPod jukebox – or is it?

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According to the publicity, the Xi is the world’s first iPod jukebox. Well, that’s if you ignore last year’s Wurlitzer iPod jukebox.

Saying that, the Xi is a very eye-catching (and expensive) piece of kit. It accepts all iPods via the secure docking cradle, with video played back through the LCD screen to accompany the tunes – delivered by a powerful 3-way speaker system. The jukebox is hand-assembled, with all the usual jukebox stylings – chrome fittings, high-strength bubble tubes and your own final touches if you wish, as all machines can be customised.

Control of the Xi is from the actual jukebox or by remote. If all that appeals and you fancy one for the living room, here’s the bad news – it costs £4850. Possibly more if you want it customised. Think I’ll stick to a more affordable speaker system.

Xi website

Dave Walker
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