Never lose your dog again with the GT40 pet tracker


I saw this gadget and leapt for joy, until I realised that it’s currently only available in China. Why? Because I have a disobedient dog who, maybe once or twice a month, will run away and not come back when called. Yes, we’re trying to train him. No, it’s not 100% successful.

Trying to find a black dog in a dark wood has about the same success rate as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack (only the wood has the attraction, for the dog at least, of plentiful supplies of horse manure… I digress).

What I really need is a GPS tracker which can be attached to his collar, so that I can track him when he decides to ignore my call. Admittedly, it’s a bit bulky, and it would need to withstand water and various unmentionable substances, but it would definitely let me know which direction he’d sneaked off in.

The GT40 uses GSM/SMS or GRPS, and is quad band, so it should work globally (for those times when your dog has taken his passport and hopped over to France for the day, presumably)

(Via Navigadget)

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