Ferrari Unica exercise machine is the stuff of Hannibal Lecter's dreams


ferrari-unica.jpgYour eyes aren’t deceiving you – this is a Ferrari-branded machine capable of EXTREME BODILY TORTURE. The only difference between this and a stretching-rack is that the pictured ‘Unica’ (so-called because men are in danger of becoming a ‘unic’, or ‘eunuch’ after using one. Probably.), is that the Unica is actually disguised as exercise equipment.

Designed in-house by a team of Ferrari designers, it’s coated in the same shade of red as the famous cars, with the exact same beige leather trim as well. Unlike the cars however, the Unica offers over 25 different exercises, and can store users’ physical data and training programmes which target arms, shoulders, pecs, dorsals, abs, legs and calf muscles. Just watch out for your manhood obviously, if you’re prepared to cough up the heart attack-inducing € 14.875,00 (£10,311,35) for one.

Ferrari Unica

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Katherine Hannaford
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