YouTube Video of the Week: Moving treadmill

Okay – I’ve seen some stupid inventions in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. It’s a treadmill that – get this – moves along the road as you run on it. Like the treadmills-in-World of Warcraft video, but in real life. Your fake running gets translated to real movement. How’s that for a waste of time, energy and the planet’s precious natural resources?

(via Burbia)

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A bitter pill to swallow: Scientists give mice effort-free exercise

Lazy bastards and fatties rejoice – scientists in California have gone and created a pill that does all the hard work of exercise for you, helping you lose weight AND get fitter. Great news, yeah? Well, no.. Because before you get all excited and go mad ordering an extra large stuff-crust pizza in celebration – you should probably note that the pill only works on mice.

Men's Health releases new iPhone-friendly workout videos


Men’s Health Magazine and PumpOne, makers of online videos, have partnered to launch iPhone and iPod-compatible workout videos, offering a range of affordable videos that will show users how to get the most from their exercise regimes.

At just $10 (about £5) a pop, with some being free, the videos are cheaper than getting a personal trainer, and should ensure that you don’t bust something by trying to go it alone with those heavy weights you’ve seen glistening in the gym…

Springflex: because your colleagues love the smell of sweat in the morning


Bored of your office desk-cum-treadmill? Want to beef up your biceps instead of your thighs? Then I guess, err, you’ll be after the dubiously named ‘Springflex’. Sounds suspiciously like an infomercial product to me!

It can be screwed onto your desk, giving you the power to do well over 120 exercises, targeting your upper body…all whilst sitting at your chair, staring blankly at your RSS feeds, wishing it was lunchtime already so you can stare blankly at all the greenery in your local salad bar.

Here’s a word of advice, though. If you purchase…