Pawwws Pet Treadmill – fitness for fat dogs


paws_treadmill.jpgAs obesity in humans has risen, so has obesity in dogs – getting fat off the takeaway leftovers. What’s the answer – more walking? A long run? Less junk food? Not in the US – you can buy the Pawwws Pet Treadmill instead.

Yes, carefully avoiding the main issue, the Pawwws Pet Treadmill keeps your dog indoors, running on an aluminium treadmill complete with LCD display to show the time, distance, speed and calories lost by the exercising animal. Dogs can sweat at speeds of 0.5 to 8 miles per hour and you get to watch more TV. Job done.

Expect to pay from $699 for this confused logic. And you can see it in action here.

Pawwws (via Born Rich)

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