YouTube Video of the Week: Moving treadmill

Okay – I’ve seen some stupid inventions in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. It’s a treadmill that – get this – moves along the road as you run on it. Like the treadmills-in-World of Warcraft video, but in real life. Your fake running gets translated to real movement. How’s that for a waste of time, energy and the planet’s precious natural resources?

(via Burbia)

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Strap your laptop onto a treadmill, with TheNetRunner, and order pizza whilst jogging!

netrunner-treadmill.jpgLet’s all blame Nintendo. That seems fairly reasonable, they’ve really kick-started this trend for exercising-whilst-gaming/brain-training/surfing the net, even giving other companies an excuse to cash in on the puzzling exercise trend.

$6,500 is an awful lot to spend on the Walkstation workstation which we saw a few weeks back, but for just $99, you can get a…

Walkstation workstation: jog on a treadmill as you blog

Hands up – how many people would purchase this Walkstation, thinking they’d be able to fit in at least an hour’s exercise each day as they plough through their RSS feeds, but after a week, it’s start accumulating dust as the couch in front of a Hollyoaks episode is more appealing than jogging whilst surfing.

Priced at $6,500, you’d think consumers would be able to afford a personal trainer for that amount of money, but…