Walkstation workstation: jog on a treadmill as you blog

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Hands up – how many people would purchase this Walkstation, thinking they’d be able to fit in at least an hour’s exercise each day as they plough through their RSS feeds, but after a week, it’d start accumulating dust, as the couch in front of a Hollyoaks episode is more appealing than jogging whilst surfing.

Priced at $6,500, you’d think consumers would be able to afford a personal trainer for that amount of money, but maybe it’s aimed at gym junkies like Madonna, who ensure they’re working out even whilst on the loo, by straining extra-hard to burn more calories.

If there was some form of incentive, like a LolCat being delivered to your email inbox for every 100 calories burned, or access to your favourite tech blog (Tech Digest, natch), allowed only when you attempt Speedy Gonzalez-like speeds, then I can imagine it’d work. But it doesn’t. And it costs the price of a small car. Anyone, err, keen…?

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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “Walkstation workstation: jog on a treadmill as you blog

  • The WalkStation is truly a revolutionary product because it is the gets people to do what nature intended. Walk. Anyone will lose weight if their diet stays constant, not just obese folks. However, 66% of americans are overweight according to the CDC and the main culprit is inactivity and ….our chairs. At $6500 it is not going to solve the problem but there are alternatives. I made my own and attached it to a treadmill. In 2 months I have lost 18 pounds and have a lot more to go but I love how energized I feel every day and the fact that when I leave my work I have worked out already….without sweating. I do want a more professional model and I found one called TrekDesk. Their site at http://www.trekdesk.com has some interesting articles about the health benefits of walking. It surprised me and motivated me. I will always work this way now.

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