Springflex: because your colleagues love the smell of sweat in the morning


springflex-muscles.jpgBored of your office desk-cum-treadmill? Want to beef up your biceps instead of your thighs? Then I guess, err, you’ll be after the dubiously named ‘Springflex’. Sounds suspiciously like an infomercial product to me!

It can be screwed onto your desk, giving you the power to do well over 120 exercises, targeting your upper body…all whilst sitting at your chair, staring blankly at your RSS feeds, wishing it was lunchtime already so you can stare blankly at all the greenery in your local salad bar.

Here’s a word of advice, though. If you purchase one of these SPRINGFLEX machines for $89.95, please oh please don’t be in a state of undress if you work in an office, like the beefcake pictured.

Springflex (via Crave)

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Katherine Hannaford
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