Jog A Dog – motorised exercise for dogs


Get a dog, it gets you fit and brightens up your life. But if you can’t be bothered with the walking in the winter, you could invest in a Jog A Dog.

Actually, this is not a replacement for walking – there’s the issue of dog poop to consider for a start – but if your dog is getting a bit weighty, needs toning up or just needs a spot of rehabilitation, it could be for you. There are four types to choose from, covering all sizes of dogs, each with a solid base, rust-resistant finish and a ‘roller drive’ system or a smooth walk.

The four models are the DC4, DC5, DC6, and DC7, which sell for $1,195, $1,475, $1,925 and $2,995 respectively. Think about that price when you start feeding your expanding pooch the remnants of last night’s takeaway.

Jog A Dog (via Born Rich)

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