Washing Machine 2.0: waterless or bike-powered?

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Worried about how much water your washing machine uses? Airwash might be the answer to your prayers. It’s the world’s first waterless washing machine, and was one of the winners in the recent INDEX Design To Improve Life awards.

Two students from Singapore invented it, with the aim of designing something that could be washing whites whiter than white by the year 2020. It’s all to do with negative ions, compressed air and deodorants, apparently.

But that’s not all that’s rocking the world of futuristic laundry. The Cyclean pedal-powered washer dryer is another prototype, which lets you get fit while cleaning your smalls. Your pedalling spins the internal washer chamber, and so the machine could be used in the developing world, where electricity to power 60-degree spin cycles isn’t exactly a priority.

(both via Inhabitat)

Stuart Dredge
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