OmniMount promises to mount not your sister, but your speakers, in new 'EAR' series

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omnimount%282%29.jpgAdmittedly not the most thrilling of product news today, but hands up how many people want wall-mounted speakers? I know I’d fancy chucking mine up there, and that’s where OmniMount steps in, purveyors of all mountable things. Heh.

The new ‘EAR’ series allows users to mount their loudspeakers on either side of their flat screens, or below, with the extra-fancy EAR-C option for soundbars such as the Denon X-SPACE.

Never fear, obese-speaker-hoarders, as the mounts can take up to 10kg on each side, with the EAR-S units (for the side-speakers) costing £99.99, and the EAR-C bottom-mounters (no laughing please, children) are slightly more affordable at £69.99.


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Katherine Hannaford
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